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Dances with Wolves

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Wounded Civil War soldier John Dunbar tries to commit suicide -- and becomes a hero instead. As a reward, he's assigned to his dream post, a remote junction on the Western frontier, and soon makes unlikely friends with the local Sioux tribe.

Title : Dances with Wolves

Year : 1990

Runtime : 181

Release Dates: 1990-11-09


Actors :

Kevin CostnerasLieutenant Dunbar
Mary McDonnellasStands With A Fist
Graham GreeneasKicking Bird
Rodney A. GrantasWind In His Hair
Floyd Red Crow WestermanasTen Bears
Tantoo CardinalasBlack Shawl
Robert PastorelliasTimmons
Charles RocketasLieutenant Elgin
Maury ChaykinasMajor Fambrough
Jimmy HermanasStone Calf
Nathan Lee Chasing His HorseasSmiles A Lot
Michael SpearsasOtter
Jason R. Lone HillasWorm
Tony PierceasSpivey
Doris Leader ChargeasPretty Shield
Tom EverettasSergeant Pepper
Larry JoshuaasSergeant Bauer
Kirk BaltzasEdwards
Wayne GraceasMajor
Donald HottonasGeneral Tide
Annie CostnerasChristine
Elisa DanielasChristine's Mother
Percy White PlumeasBig Warrior
John TailasEscort Warrior
Steve ReevisasSioux #1 / Warrior #1
Sheldon Peters WolfchildasSioux #2 / Warrior #2 (as Sheldon Wolfchild)
Wes StudiasToughest Pawnee
Buffalo ChildasPawnee #1
Clayton Big EagleasPawnee #2
Richard Leader ChargeasPawnee #3
Redwing Ted NezasSioux Warrior
Marvin HolyasSioux Warrior
Raymond NewholyasSioux Courier
David J. FullerasKicking Bird's Son
Ryan White BullasKicking Bird's Eldest Son
Otakuye ConroyasKicking Bird's Daughter
Maretta Big CrowasVillage Mother
Steven ChambersasGuard (as Steve Chambers)
William H. Burton Jr.asGeneral's Aide (as William H. Burton)
Bill W. CurryasConfederate Cavalryman
Nick ThompsonasConfederate Soldier
Carter HannerasConfederate Soldier
Kent HaysasWagon Driver
Robert GoldmanasUnion Soldier
Frank P. CostanzaasTucker
James A. MitchellasRay
R. L. CurtinasAmbush Wagon Driver
JustinasCisco (horse)
TeddyasTwo Socks (wolf)
BuckasTwo Socks (wolf)

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